WV Design Team: Faux florals to forget the chilly days

By Elizabeth Yeager Cross
WV Design Team

Well, it’s officially spring. Yeager Design & Interiors has been hoping for weeks for the warmer weather to come and stay once and for all. Maybe, just maybe, we will get our way, and soon we will see our perennials popping up through the ground in brilliant hues.

In the meantime, YDI is overflowing with gorgeous new faux florals. During our January trip to Las Vegas Furniture and Accessory Market we ordered more florals than we ever have before. This is an answer to what, you, our readers and our showroom clientele, have constantly asked for this new year.

We have seen the true rush on stems, whether folks are asking for us to create arrangements for them or to have plenty on hand for them to make their own. Either way, we are ecstatic you are peppering in flowers to your home decor.

Sometimes all you need are the basics. You can never go wrong with green and white in your arrangements. Peonies mixed with layered greenery look stunning in a large vase or even as basket for a fresh and simple look.

Let’s cover some of our favorite faux florals, then give you of few examples of just what we or you can do with them in your own spaces.

Nothing says spring like tulips and peonies, right? We went absolutely gaga when our first flower shipment arrived, and so did our social-media followers when we put them on our long work island.

Little bunches of tulips are the perfect way to bring a bit of color to a small area or small vase. We’ve made tons of teeny tulip arrangements this week for tabletops, wall-hanging jars and even custom arrangements for Easter.

Our favorite was a metal trough overflowing with bright green moss, sparkly Easter eggs and “Happy” burlap carrots. The Dosier family will place their adorable arrangement on the kitchen table all spring long.

The petite tulips are hands-down the most sought after florals from the Yeager Design & Interiors showroom this year. We’ve made so many custom arrangements, and our favorite one so far is the Dosier family’s Easter centerpiece that features white tulips, green moss, burlap carrots and sparkly eggs.

Sometimes all you need to create a knock out arrangement are the basics: green and white. Our lifelike white peonies bunched tightly together are stunning on their own or can be made even more beautiful with some wispy green stems mixed in.

We are loving our pear blossom stems that soften any arrangement and bring in another element of soft simple color. Palm leaves are also a fantastic faux to incorporate into your creations for height and texture. Place those classics in a large vase or urn over a basket to look fresh and simple.

Our second floral shipment from market brought in what we like to refer to as our exotic stems. These aren’t always realistic representations of what you may find in nature, but they can really add a lot of color and drama to your floral creations.

Deeply hued red stems, brightly colored blue stems, and larger-than-life white stems are just a few of our new favorites. One of our newest floral vendors even made some blooms with a loop on the back to hang on your walls for the perfect wall flower installation. This is a must see.

We’ve saved the drama for last. We have a new floral vendor who has big, bold, and exotic florals in dramatic hues and sizes that you have got to see to believe!

Whether you fancy yourself a floral person or not, a little bit of nature is essential in any design decor. We don’t mean you have to fill every empty urn or vase in your home with overflowing flowers, but there is something to be said for inserting bits of life into your spaces.

The old silks and overdone arrangements of your mother’s and grandmother’s days are over. Try a little floral with some of these simple and fresh updated looks, and you’ll be feeling like spring in no time at all.


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