WV Design Team: Daring trends from the 2017 High Point Spring Market

By Elizabeth Yeager Cross
WV Design Team


Yeager Design & Interiors hit the road again to North Carolina, for the High Point Spring Market furniture and accessories. All week long we’ve been on the hunt for what will be this year’s new look in the design industry.

We have noticed some very daring trends coming forth this spring that may not be for everyone but can be applied in small measures to give quirky looks a try. Here are our top trends spotted at the market this week:

Pink, pink, pink

Pink is literally everywhere at the market. Showrooms have begun painting their walls in hues of pink, upholstery manufacturers have laid out sofas and chairs on their showroom floors in pinks ranging from light to magenta and even, dare I say it, mauve.

This throwback to the ’80s and early ’90s is done in updated ways with modern lines, paired with neutral schemes and small bursts of color.

One of our favorite examples was in the Hooker Furniture showroom, in Cynthia Rowley’s design space. This look is not for everyone, but we are excited to see something different and colorful and vibrant.

A vignette shows off several 2017 trends: natural objects, pops of well-placed gold and crystals used in new ways

Metallics times 10

Every market we have written about in the past three years has included a section about metallics. There is literally not one vendor that hasn’t gotten the metallic message.

You may ask yourself, “How do I use metallics?”

We’ve seen:

metal accents on furniture trim

gilded mirror and art frames

gold lamps

interesting metallic accessories and florals.

From showroom to showroom we saw everything from ottomans to chests to buffets with sleek gold or silver legs, hardware, even paint or wax gilding applied directly to the furniture. We love this trend because we have been on the gold train for years.

Artwork in the John-Richard showroom features crushed glass that give the acrylic canvas beautiful texture and catches the eyes of passersby

Interesting art composition

One gorgeous trend we saw at the John-Richard showroom was a young Chinese artist who was mixing glass shards into her acrylic canvas paintings. This created a very dynamic and three-dimensional look that would be a sure conversation starter, whether used in your home or your business.

We definitely stopped and stared, and even wanted to touch the art pieces, which is a big no-no.

Hanging selenite lights use natural material to diffuse the light and give off a gorgeous soft glow that radiates from the fixtures

Natural objects

We have written to you in the past about the market’s lean toward using natural objects in design schemes. It seems the design community has picked up that torch and is now running wildly with it. The use of quartz, selenite and agates dominated this market.

Our favorites were the use of quartz as door pulls and hardware, gorgeous agates cut in half and put on stands as accessories, and even selenite incorporated into light fixtures. These fixtures were almost translucent and were really different compared to what we normally see.



Yeager Design & Interiors has had another successful market, and we will be bringing lots of new and different looks back to our showroom for our local community to try.

We hope you find our reports inspiring, and we look forward to helping you incorporate them into your own design scheme.




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