Transitioning your home as the kids go back to school

School is officially back in session, and you may be taking a well-deserved sigh of relief, but what’s next?

Don’t forget to add touches of the season to the buffet to bring cohesiveness and warmth to your holiday decor

I often find my summer decor suddenly feels out of place once my kids are back in school and fall is in full swing. I immediately start getting that itch to change things up and begin rummaging through our attic to find fall decor.

If you are a follower of our articles or blog, you probably know I have two children, George, 5, and Ivery, 3. My kids are at a fun age, where decorating for the seasons seems magical and more spirited.

Most of the time, you can find my decor pretty simplistic in its color range, patterns or designs. But when you have two sets of hopeful eyes looking at you, you can’t just pull out boring decor. This year we’re going full-tilt Halloween.

Not everyone is in our stage of life, so while I show you what we are doing this year, I will also show you some tamed-down ways to bring in fall decor that will get you ready for all things pumpkin spice.

From the witch runner to the soft stripe pumpkins, this table is ready for any Halloween get-together. Setting your table for Halloween needs to invite feelings of fun, playfulness and whimsy.

Happy haunting

Our Halloween table this year will consist of a whimsical black runner with witch’s hats that, no doubt, my kids will not be able to leave alone.

My center pieces will be tall, dimpled orange vases with preserved wheat. The wheat is my nod to simplicity that is still fall conscious. I am absolutely in love with our stuffed, striped pumpkins with a small tag on the side that reads “gather.”

I entertain quite a bit due to our large family. I love the look on my guest’s faces when they see a new tablescape.

No Halloween would be complete without a candy bowl. This witch bowl adds a touch of whimsy to your holiday decor

My other favorite is the white candy bowl that says “Happy Haunting” below the figurine of a witch on her broom. The challenges in our house are always how quickly the bowl of candy seems to disappear and the fight to keep it full for guests.

Tea towels with dangly legs have been a holiday-decor favorite at Yeager Design & Interiors for five years. Set these by your kitchen sink or guest bath for a personalized touch.

And last but not least, no Halloween home is complete without dangly leg towels. The one I seem to relate to says, “Don’t make me flip my witch switch.”

For a more simplified approach, leave out the witches and broomsticks and embrace fall with a more streamlined look.

Let’s talk turkey

If you are the type who skips witch’s hats, goblins and broomsticks, you may prefer to set your table a little more on the traditional side of fall. This table begins with a streamlined runner with hand-stitched letters saying “gather.”

And why wouldn’t you want to gather around this table? Its simple centerpiece is layered from the bottom with a hammered-metal tray and filled with bent-wood pumpkins, mercury glass containers and a matching striped pumpkin to top it all off.

Prepare your guests for a holiday feast with cute platters and bowls that celebrate the holiday.

Our large platter will be filled with delicious turkey this year, and our guests will fall in love with our “gobble” turkey bowls.

Using rustic metals and woods can bring warmth to any fall feast

On the utilitarian side of serving guests, try using a decorative wooden box, like our “eat” silverware caddy. This will create ease when your guests are going through the line ready to fill up their plates.

I also love spicing things up with the most ordinary object, like our fork and spoon paper towel holder. Sometimes it is the most ordinary things people love the most.

Mud Pie, our vendor for seasonal decor, is the main provider of all these accessories. Year after year, I am inspired by its adorable decor. It helps me not only make my home more fun, but my clients’ homes, as well.

If orange is not a hue that resides in your decor color wheel, don’t fret. A simple table set with whiteware and classic fall hues, such as dark reds, greens and yellows, is absolutely still in style. Whatever your fall fancy may be, we hope you embrace the season, gather with friends and family, and find the decor that makes you feel grateful.

Add touches of your holiday color palette to other areas of the house for a complete change.

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