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When it comes to smaller spaces, you first have to address what things you can actually change. If you do not own your space and you are renting for now, you may feel quite limited in the impact you can possibly make.

No matter what your small-space circumstances may be, your goal should be to design using these four key principles:

Scale: Remember to address the scale or size of your furnishings as to not overpower your small space. Use a mixture of sizes in your pieces and you will create a space that feels appropriate and harmonious.

Layering: Use our “layering” technique for warmth. Think of it like this: Layer your home for warmth the same way that you would layer yourself to go outside in cold weather and still keep warm. Layer your home starting from the floor up — rugs, pillows, throws, art, mirrors, accessories, plants, pictures, etc. These are the things that make a place feel like home.

Balance: Balance is essential when addressing a small space. Try to only put out the most favorite of your accessories and personal items. Sometimes “less is more” in a space that can easily look disheveled or cluttered when only a few items are out of place.

Variety: Try using fabrics and finishes of woods that are different from one another that will make the space interesting and add a creative, eclectic feel. Also, mixing metal finishes is a great way to keep the areas up-to-date and transitional.



We featured these apartments in one of our WV Design Team articles for the Charleston Gazette-Mail. To read the full article: Small space, big design


March 2, 2015


I have worked with Elizabeth and her staff for over two years. She has helped me with our home and also a commercial/apartment building. She has the uncanny ability to listen to my wish list and translate that vision into our home and commercial building. She had her dedicated staff are always available and coordinate whatever requests are made. When Elizabeth has gone to Market, she has made me feel like she was shopping there for only me. Sending pictures and calling me was a terrific way to get exactly what I wanted! We have been out of town a lot and she has worked with my contractor closely and has handled any issues that may come up. It’s a relief and extremely comforting knowing that she is our “eyes and ears” while we’re away. I know that when I get back home everything that we’ve requested would have been taken care of and she will have performed her magic! Many Thanks!

Dr. Scott and Mrs. Patty Miller

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