Moving into a new home can be quite overwhelming.

Deciding what will move on to the new home with you and what will either become trash or a donation can take months to figure out. And, if you are moving to a larger home, you are now on the hunt for new furniture and accessories to help finish your new spaces.

Sarah Duterte had a clear vision of the eclectic style she wanted to embrace, and we found her incredibly easy to work and communicate with. We addressed each room in her home, its needs and began chipping away at a sizable list.

What we loved most about working with Sarah was her ability to be open minded with our team’s suggestions and being able to try new and old things. She even decided to enroll in our Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan workshops, where she learned the invaluable art of breathing new life into older or undesirably finished furniture pieces.

While we realize not everyone can tackle every room of your home (new or old) at the same time, you can truly make a large difference in your home by following a few key rules:

Make a list of your needs, room by room.

Set an overall budget that you and your family feel would be an appropriate amount to part with to fulfill your list of needs.

Find a designer who not only can find you these things, but is also someone you feel you can communicate with and can understand your vision while introducing you to things you may have never considered before.


We featured this home in one of our WV Design Team articles for the Charleston Gazette-Mail. To read the full article: Tackling details to make a new space feel like home


October 2, 2016
Sarah and Keefe Duterte


Yeager Design & Interiors has helped make my vision a reality. They incorporated family heirlooms with modern pieces seamlessly, and their customer service was superb! All of my special requests were ordered promptly. A BIG thank you to the Yeager Design Crew!

Sarah Duterte

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