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Involving a designer early in the process also allows them to collaborate most effectively with your contractor to provide a design for your space that is unique, functional and indelible to your partners, employees and clients. Commercial spaces often become your “home away from home” while also acting as an extension of your company and its services. Make that space effortlessly and classically stylish while also making it work most efficiently for your company, with inspired interiors where form meets function.

Our advice at Yeager Design & Interiors is to use a more updated, residential style of furniture rather than a less-than-impressive big box store option. Accent rugs, transitional tables and lamps alongside all of the other dynamic elements we’ve mentioned are going to give your space a signature, memorable, layered look.

The average person opening or renovating their business may find even thinking about décor a daunting task because of everything else they’re preparing for. This is why it becomes so important to involve a designer early on.



We featured this office in one of our WV Design Team articles for the Charleston Gazette-Mail. To read the full article:Warm up that cold commercial space


December 8, 2014


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