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Edgewood Series – The Kitchen

Over the past few months you have been catching a glimpse of my personal home, the Edgewood Series. I have truly enjoyed working on this house for almost a year and have been more than excited to share this with you, the readers. Today I’ll be featuring the kitchen in…

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Edgewood Series: Master Bedroom

By Elizabeth Yeager Cross WV Design Team Over the past few years I have been sharing with you, my readers, the fun and fabulous design installations our team at Yeager Design and Interiors has done. We have received such wonderful feedback and almost always people follow up with questions about…

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WV Design Team: Paper cachet

Wallpaper is a design trend of the past, right? Wrong! Over and over again, I have heard this question asked from my clients, both commercial and residential. Every time, my response is the same: There is a perfect wallpaper out there for everyone, and it has absolutely nothing to do…

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WV Design Team: The death of the formal dining room

By Elizabeth Yeager Cross WV Design Team How often do you actually use your formal dining room? Once, maybe twice a year? Thanksgiving and Christmas if at all — right? These days, when new homes are built, both here in West Virginia and across the nation, there is something missing:…

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